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16 months ago


  • 41ddf7f "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 6a082df Merge pull request #6820 from yzct12345/split-cache
  • 9fbe188 Merge pull request #6837 from german77/no-pause-screenshot
  • 7df790f Merge pull request #6823 from yzct12345/memory-cleanup
  • 3e3bd42 Merge pull request #6839 from ameerj/frame-cap-positon
  • c4eafcc texture_cache: Address ameerj's review
  • 8e0cc3e configure_general: Swap positions of speed limit and frame limit options
  • acce512 main: Avoid stopping emulation when taking a screenshot
  • 5f97f74 memory: Address lioncash's review
  • 70cc4c0 memory: Dedup Read and Write and fix logging bugs
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  • e80323b texture_cache: Address ameerj's review
  • e611f52 memory: Clean up CopyBlock too
  • 02e98f6 texture_cache: Don't change copyright year
  • 5566f3d texture_cache: Address ameerj's review
  • 4edfa6a memory: Address lioncash's review
  • 6df9611 memory: Clean up code
  • f9563c8 texture_cache: Split templates out

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