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16 months ago


  • caebd3f "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 859deda Merge pull request #6834 from K0bin/buffer-image-granularity
  • b023413 Merge pull request #6698 from german77/SDL_QoL
  • 00358e2 Merge pull request #6817 from gidoly/patch-1
  • 48b6d41 input_common: Improve SDL joystick and hide toggle option
  • 63325ca Merge pull request #6827 from Morph1984/uuid-hash
  • bd0e1d3 Merge pull request #6830 from ameerj/nvdec-unimpld-codec
  • bb29dcb vulkan_memory_allocator: Respect bufferImageGranularity
  • 928b64d nvdec: Better logging for unimplemented codecs
  • d20c5ac common: uuid: Add hash function for UUID
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  • 8ba551e Update configure_graphics_advanced.ui

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