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15 months ago


  • 075b2b9 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 456adb9 Merge pull request #6795 from sankasan/cmd-remove-cursor-fullscreen
  • bd1a764 Merge pull request #6815 from german77/ui_improvements
  • 268b576 Merge pull request #6791 from ameerj/astc-opt
  • d5bf597 settings_ui: Use better colors for the light theme
  • 1fb158c settings_ui: Add emulated joystick position dot to controller preview
  • 3e26141 yuzu-cmd: hide cursor when in fullscreen
  • c439fc9 astc_decoder: Reduce workgroup size
  • 5ab8053 astc_decoder: Compute offset swizzles in-shader
  • b2862e4 astc_decoder: Make use of uvec4 for payload data
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  • a75d70f astc_decoder: Simplify Select2DPartition
  • 5665d05 astc_decoder: Optimize the use EncodingData
  • 15c0c21 astc.h: Move data to cpp implementation

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