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16 months ago


  • 09f9788 "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • 204d531 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 5593a37 Merge pull request #6671 from jls47/master
  • d923ec5 Merge pull request #6753 from jbeich/libusb
  • 92887a6 Merge pull request #6749 from lioncash/rtarget
  • 6053f2e Merge pull request #6730 from Morph1984/buf_to_stdstring
  • ab206d6 Merge pull request #6748 from lioncash/engine-init
  • 5da97c5 Merge pull request #6744 from lioncash/exc
  • 2717e79 Merge pull request #6745 from lioncash/copies
  • e2c42ec Merge pull request #6747 from lioncash/wrapper
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  • ef29ed7 qt_web_browser: Fix lambda capture for HIDButton
  • 3109d1c qt_web_browser: Focus on the first link element
  • a24224e cmake: don't use pkg-config directly with non-reference libusb
  • 00e100d render_target: Add missing initializer for size extent
  • f8964dd video_core/engine: Consistently initialize rasterizer pointers
  • 8c82c59 vulkan_wrapper: Fix SetObjectName() always indicating objects as images
  • ec56a17 buffer_cache: Remove unused small_vector in CommitAsyncFlushesHigh()
  • 075a744 gl_shader_cache: Remove unused variable
  • 296728e vk_compute_pass: Remove unused captures
  • c27ddb4 exception: Make constructors explicit
  • e490ddf exception: Make what() member function nodiscard
  • 90f3678 exception: Narrow down specific header
  • f5f04cc common: fs: fs_util: Add BufferToUTF8String
  • d6c7994 Merge pull request #6696 from ameerj/speed-limit-rename
  • 7511f65 Merge pull request #6741 from ReinUsesLisp/stream-remove
  • 1a94b3f Merge pull request #6740 from K0bin/hvv-fallback
  • 75050c7 vk_staging_buffer_pool: Fall back to host memory when allocation fails
  • c6991fa Merge pull request #6728 from ReinUsesLisp/null-buffer-usage
  • 6c432d5 Merge pull request #6729 from ReinUsesLisp/quad-indexed-barrier
  • 5f9a481 vk_stream_buffer: Remove unused stream buffer
  • c0f9955 Merge pull request #6724 from lioncash/nodisc-shader
  • de0b897 Merge pull request #6726 from lioncash/hguard
  • 3d97f1e Merge pull request #6727 from lioncash/topology
  • 7490117 Merge pull request #6736 from CaptV0rt3x/patch-1
  • c05bbf3 configure_graphics: reword GLASM option
  • 771dcb2 vk_compute_pass: Fix pipeline barrier for indexed quads
  • 27ed6e7 vk_buffer_cache: Add transform feedback usage to null buffer
  • 3e7813e emit_glasm: Fix LINESS_ADJACENCY typo in InputPrimitive()
  • c2915d9 emit_spirv_instructions: Add missing header guard
  • 06ca911 shader_recompiler: Remove unnecessary [[nodiscard]] instances
  • c80ae87 renderer_base: Removed redundant settings
  • 9dfbc9b general: Rename "Frame Limit" references to "Speed Limit"

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