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  • 07a2191 "Merge Tagged PR 2927"
  • 0cac2cb "Merge Tagged PR 2945"
  • b9c831d Merge pull request #2654 from DarkLordZach/lm-log-rewrite
  • 464353b Merge pull request #2961 from DarkLordZach/azure-tag-names
  • e170676 Merge pull request #2956 from DarkLordZach/azure-win-tarxz
  • 1817191 ci: Isolate upload merge step into stage 2
  • 1ec23a0 ci: Update build suffix for mock builds
  • 971870b Merge pull request #2959 from ReinUsesLisp/cbuf-hsetp2
  • 3d0f357 shader/half_set_predicate: Fix HSETP2 for constant buffers
  • 632c9e4 shader/half_set_predicate: Reduce DEBUG_ASSERT to LOG_DEBUG
  • df80e89 ci: Add TAR-XZ compression to MSVC builds
  • 6212df3 lm: Flush manager output on core shutdown
  • fa6531a lm: Rename Initialize to Log and implement with manager/reporter
  • ef9a7fa lm: Implement manager class to output to reporter
  • 4153bd8 core: Add LM::Manager to system
  • 82bf055 reporter: Add log output for packaged lm log data

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