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16 months ago


  • 7b86a68 "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • 84b9c42 Merge pull request #6690 from ReinUsesLisp/dma-clear-fixups
  • 2656020 Merge pull request #6551 from bunnei/improve-kernel-obj
  • 346bfb6 hle: service: kernel_helpers: Remove unnecessary pragma once.
  • f3db3dc hle: kernel: svc: Remove part of ExitProcess.
  • 185b19f hle: service: nvdrv: Remove unused kernel reference.
  • 6c6e730 hle: service: hid: npad: Remove unused kernel reference.
  • 52caa52 hle: kernel: Track and release server sessions, and protect methods with locks.
  • 8d75514 hle: kernel: KProcess: Change process termination assert to a warning.
  • 854c7a3 hle: kernel: Ensure current running process is closed.
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  • ecf3653 hle: kernel: Ensure global handle table is finalized before closing.
  • 24540e0 kernel: svc: ConnectToNamedPort: Close extra reference to port.
  • 7bd020e hle: service: sm: Refactor to better manage ports.
  • b119363 hle: kernel: k_process: Close the handle table on shutdown.
  • 6020723 hle: kernel: k_process: Close main thread reference after it is inserted into handle table.
  • fe402d3 hle: kernel: Ensure global handle table is initialized.
  • 015058f hle: service: Add a helper module for managing kernel objects.
  • 9299941 hle: kernel: Provide methods for tracking dangling kernel objects.
  • a0c4557 gl_buffer_cache: Use glClearNamedBufferSubData:GL_RED instead of GL_RGBA
  • 6e2ca7f buffer_cache: Simplify clear logic

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