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16 months ago


  • 867a218 "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • c104e9c ci: Increase mainline build timeout.
  • 583a10f yuzu-cmd: Fullscreen Improvements (#6656)
  • 2e93df7 Merge pull request #6660 from Morph1984/controller_applet_rev8
  • 29fb110 Merge pull request #6649 from german77/toggle_sdl
  • c53b688 Merge pull request #6629 from FernandoS27/accel-dma-2
  • 263a201 Merge pull request #6658 from Morph1984/render-window-fix
  • f460bf9 Merge pull request #6685 from ReinUsesLisp/radeonsi-client
  • 8616c0f Merge pull request #6684 from ogniK5377/uuid-cpp20-new
  • 2e2d6cf gl_texture_cache: Workaround slow PBO downloads on radeonsi
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  • 75e9d3b uuid: Directly compare UUID instead of checking per element
  • 9a26d96 vk_buffer_cache: Fix quad index array with 0 vertices (#6627)
  • 6573ff6 input/sdl_impl: fix rumble support on DualSense. (#6683)
  • 9b7e57f applet_controller: Add preliminary support for version 8
  • 747a33a bootmanager: Create a dummy render widget
  • 0707373 file_sys: Support load game collection (#6582)
  • 16f983d Merge pull request #6580 from ReinUsesLisp/xfb-radv
  • ffc78ce Merge pull request #6652 from lat9nq/cmd-vulkan-fixes
  • f85bbf3 Merge pull request #6651 from lat9nq/update-settings
  • b405a81 Merge pull request #6679 from yzct12345/fix-lets-go
  • 053860d Merge pull request #6670 from ReinUsesLisp/prepare-rt
  • 41f4edd Merge pull request #6669 from ReinUsesLisp/fix-samples-sizes
  • efc449c Merge pull request #6677 from ReinUsesLisp/new-validate-errors
  • 03a7131 Update src/video_core/renderer_vulkan/vk_texture_cache.cpp
  • b727b67 Update src/video_core/renderer_vulkan/vk_texture_cache.cpp
  • 9e7f41c Ignore wrong blit format
  • 29c3983 vk_texture_cache: Finalize renderpass when downloading images
  • 7850dd0 vk_compute_pass: Fix pipeline barriers on non-initialized ASTC images
  • a3ce26a vk_compute_pass: Fix ASTC buffer setup synchronization
  • 6d9f347 texture_cache/util: Fix size calculations of multisampled images
  • cb08e5b texture_cache: Always prepare image views on render targets [ #6669 ]
  • f785933 sdl_impl, emu_window: Remove clang ignore
  • 0e6ba0c emu_window_sdl2_vk: Specify the window manager if it should be supported
  • d3748ca emu_window_sdl2_vk: Use the generated SDL config
  • 15ed73a yuzu_cmd: Add missing or update current settings
  • 7dfd271 default_ini: Remove deprecated settings
  • c747864 input_common: Support SDL toggle buttons
  • 1ae4b68 Buffer cache: Fixes, Clang and Feedback.
  • 1a95a7c GPUMemoryManager: Force inmediate invalidation when writting block.
  • a0eb3f8 Buffer Cache: Fixes to DMA Copy.
  • 495b8e3 DMAEngine: Revert flushing from Pitch to BlpockLinear.
  • 8039be8 BufferCache: fix clearing on forced download.
  • b780d5b DMAEngine: Accelerate BufferClear
  • 5a45d29 vk_buffer_cache: Use emulated null buffers for transform feedback

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