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16 months ago


  • 2645e6d "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • 907b232 Merge pull request #6557 from FernandoS27/staceys-mom-has-got-it-goin-on
  • 977904d Buffer Cache: Address Feedback.
  • 5e78ad4 Buffer Cache: Fix GCC copmpile error
  • 4a09517 Fence Manager: remove reference fencing.
  • 2c8f4ed BufferCache: Additional download fixes.
  • f75544a Buffer Cache: Revert unnecessary range reduction.
  • cf38fae Fence Manager: Force ordering on WFI.
  • 73638ca Buffer Cache: Eliminate the AC Hack as the base game is fixed in Hades.
  • 63915bf Fence Manager: Add fences on Reference Count.
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  • 35327db Videocore: Address Feedback & CLANG Format.
  • 0e4d4b4 Buffer Cache: Fix High Downloads and don't predownload on Extreme.

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