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17 months ago


  • 80d7c45 "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • 7dca756 Merge pull request #6573 from lat9nq/cpu-settings-cleanup-2
  • 2794242 Merge pull request #6581 from lat9nq/isolate-debug-settings
  • 420987c yuzu qt: config: Only save renderer_debug as a global setting
  • dc06e11 settings, arm_dynarmic, yuzu qt: Move CPU debugging option
  • eebf39b arm_dynarmic_64: Re-add fastmem_address_space_bits to Auto setting
  • c8b8674 settings, yuzu qt: Add migration code for CPU accuracy
  • 87b6e14 arm_dynarmic{32,64}: Fixes from test build
  • 7ab5767 core,common,yuzu qt: Add CPU accuracy option 'Auto'

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