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17 months ago


  • f3467ab "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • 975a7b3 Merge pull request #6563 from ReinUsesLisp/thread-worker
  • 0ddbbb6 common/thread_worker: Stop workers on stop_token when waiting
  • da34d37 common/thread_worker: Add support for stateful threads
  • c147e9a common/thread_worker: Simplify logic
  • a10e112 common/thread_worker: Fix data race
  • bf5b5c1 common/thread_worker: Use unique function
  • 2c8d337 common: Add unique function
  • f28dd32 common/thread_worker: Add wait for requests method
  • 5edc96f Merge pull request #6539 from lat9nq/default-setting
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  • a949ee0 general: Code formatting improvements
  • c7ad195 Out of bound blit (#6531)
  • 92a3daf Merge pull request #6564 from Kelebek1/Audio
  • 91a4a92 Merge pull request #6569 from Kelebek1/Vol
  • 7636fef audio_core: Preserve front channel volume after 6 to 2 downmix
  • 8542f2f Merge pull request #6567 from Kelebek1/Audio2
  • 4d0bdef Merge pull request #6570 from lat9nq/bind-image-true
  • 2f0e1f5 util_shaders: Fix BindImageTexture
  • b9f915e Report 2 channels active. Fixes Tales of Vesperia's mono channel audio.
  • dbcc093 Support more PCM formats. Fixes Ys IX audio.
  • 38f658d config: Read UISettings as basic settings
  • cf1cd33 settings: Set resolution_factor default to 1
  • 299c559 yuzu_cmd: config: Pass a reference in
  • 0e5c74b core, input_common: Miscellaneous fixes
  • 7a8de13 yuzu qt: Make most UISettings a BasicSetting
  • b91b76d general: Make most settings a BasicSetting
  • 35b17fa configuration: Defer to common/settings for per-game settings defaults
  • 20e5140 common: Force defaults for Settings::Setting's

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