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16 months ago


  • 77eab1e "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • 87e408f "Merge Tagged PR 5896"
  • 2eb018c Merge pull request #6562 from Morph1984/flush-behavior
  • eb3cb3a Merge pull request #6497 from FernandoS27/scotty-doesnt-know
  • a59ae5e common: logging: backend: Close the file after exceeding the write limit
  • 14ab50d common: fs: file: Revert Flush to its previous behavior and add Commit
  • d299d55 common: fs: file: Flush the file in GetSize
  • c6a9e91 Texture Cache: Fix collision with multiple overlaps of the same sparse texture.
  • a8a0927 Texture Cache: Fix GCC & Clang.
  • 8f9f142 Texture Cache: Address feedback.
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  • fd98fcf Texture Cache: Improve accuracy of sparse texture detection.
  • 38165fb Texture Cache: Initial Implementation of Sparse Textures.

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