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17 months ago


  • 35a3d9d "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • e0ff1e3 "Merge Tagged PR 5896"
  • b07423f Merge pull request #6566 from Morph1984/sign-compare-as-error
  • ebb82b0 CMakeLists: Treat -Wsign-compare as an error on GCC/Clang
  • bf50345 Merge pull request #6537 from Morph1984/warnings
  • 3d03a6a Merge pull request #6556 from Morph1984/default-mii
  • c770fa9 Merge pull request #6540 from Kelebek1/nvdec
  • 942c0d6 Merge pull request #6561 from german77/analog_fix
  • c19ec2e input_common: Add missing modifier callback to analog from button
  • dd44089 Merge pull request #6559 from german77/compilation_warnings
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  • b188d77 profiler: Fix deprecated functions
  • 5dfa313 service: mii: Retrieve the correct default miis.
  • 208a04d Slightly refactor NVDEC and codecs for readability and safety
  • 248a146 CMakeLists: Disable all warnings for external headers
  • 22d7b89 video_core: Remove #pragma warning directives for external headers
  • 9542593 input_common: Remove #pragma warning directives for external headers
  • 0eae00e CMakeLists: Enforce C4018, C4267, C4305, C4389
  • e828c5a core: Enforce C4242
  • 58550cf input_common: Enforce C4242
  • a47704f video_core: Enforce C4242
  • d3d6613 video_core: Silence signed/unsigned mismatch warnings

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