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17 months ago


  • a02a4a6 "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • e4bb63c "Merge Tagged PR 5896"
  • 39be4c3 Merge pull request #6471 from lat9nq/dump-as-mod
  • ec68cba Merge pull request #6502 from ameerj/vendor-title
  • 511ee03 patch_manager: Do not apply LayeredFS mods when dumping
  • 6ac9784 filesystem: Open a read-only directory for SDMC mods
  • 844e011 core: Simplify SDMC mod loading
  • 1664c74 core: Support LayeredFS mod from SDMC directory
  • bfecd39 yuzu qt: Add option to dump to SDMC directory
  • c5e25cf Merge pull request #6535 from ameerj/insert-fancy-name
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  • 4cee252 main: Display the instruction set of the running title in the window name
  • 4df04ad Merge pull request #6529 from ReinUsesLisp/reaper-fixups
  • 9476309 buffer_cache: Only flush downloaded size
  • 03abe8b video_core: Enforce C4244
  • 05bd50a codec,vic: Disable warnings in ffmpeg headers
  • 3ab5bf6 vk_buffer_cache: Silence implicit cast warnings
  • b4894fa buffer_cache/texture_cache: Make GC functions private
  • e79d02b buffer_cache: Silence implicit cast warning
  • a01459d gl_device: Expand on Mesa driver names
  • fb16cbb video_core: Add GPU vendor name to window title bar

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