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17 months ago


  • 9190fcf "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • 6c435e6 "Merge Tagged PR 5896"
  • 17fff10 Merge pull request #6465 from FernandoS27/sex-on-the-beach
  • 20f474b Merge pull request #6508 from ReinUsesLisp/bootmanager-stop-token
  • c1a9fa9 Merge pull request #6514 from OZtistic/master
  • d6b51e5 Merge pull request #6512 from ReinUsesLisp/wait-detached-stasks
  • 95b4c78 Merge pull request #6509 from ReinUsesLisp/mouse-datarace
  • 4ec7d79 Merge pull request #6510 from ReinUsesLisp/npad-data-race
  • 36aacf6 Simple resizing of the Per-Game configuration window and removal of useless Help question mark button in the title bar
  • 0308a26 Merge pull request #6493 from Morph1984/fs-nodiscard
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  • 255f8d2 Merge pull request #6472 from Morph1984/spl
  • 791d3d1 Merge pull request #6483 from Morph1984/get-tz-file
  • f9b940a Reaper: Set minimum cleaning limit on OGL.
  • 2fa2070 common: fs: Add a description of a regular file in IsFile
  • 0394893 vfs_real: Fix Mode to FileAccessMode conversion
  • 76b2313 common: fs: Amend IsFile check in FileOpen / (Write/Append)StringToFile
  • cf0b9d1 common: fs: file: Remove [[nodiscard]] attribute from Flush
  • 81b1b71 common: fs: Remove [[nodiscard]] attribute on Remove* functions
  • faf57c1 Merge pull request #6506 from ReinUsesLisp/master-semaphore-jthread
  • 0e2c1a5 Merge pull request #6495 from lat9nq/mingw-vista-style
  • 698add8 Merge pull request #6511 from ReinUsesLisp/core-is-powered-data-race
  • c9c8537 core: Make is_powered_on atomic
  • 1ca9a13 common/detached_tasks: Wait for tasks before shutting down
  • 15cc561 npad: Fix data race when updating devices
  • 0a39163 input_common/mouse_input: Fix data race
  • 2a7a65c Merge pull request #6481 from Morph1984/missing-peak-set
  • 4009ae1 bootmanager: Use std::stop_source for stopping emulation
  • cf116a2 vk_master_semaphore: Use jthread for debug thread
  • 0485b8e Merge pull request #6499 from FernandoS27/we-were-on-a-break
  • 2a3d3d3 Merge pull request #6475 from ameerj/unlimit-fps
  • 83ac715 Merge pull request #6486 from CaptV0rt3x/httplib
  • 2298508 Update dynarmic and add new unsafe CPU option.
  • 569a196 Reaper: Guarantee correct deletion.
  • 865dd61 Reaper: Upgrade label from unsafe to experimental as no regressions are known now.
  • ad8aab9 ci: windows: Copy the styles directory when packaging
  • e704da9 externals: httplib: replace custom httplib header with upstream as submodule.
  • fd5ef19 service: time: Use GetFileRelative to get files within subdirectories
  • 1a5ecee kernel: Fix missing peak set in KResourceLimit::SetLimitValue
  • 719a6dd Reaper: Correct size calculation on Vulkan.
  • 36250a4 config: Add frame limiter toggle hotkey
  • 3522fc0 nvflinger: Add toggle to disable buffer swap interval limits
  • ca6f47c Reaper: Change memory restrictions on TC depending on host memory on VK.
  • 0dd9884 Reaper: Address Feedback.
  • 954ad2a Reaper: Setup settings and final tuning.
  • d8ad6aa Reaper: Tune it up to be an smart GC.
  • a11bc4a Initial Reaper Setup
  • 5b1efe5 vulkan_memory_allocator: Release allocations with no commits
  • 4a4e304 spl: Mark the other functions as unimplemented
  • 8ba83c4 spl: Implement spl::GetConfig
  • e4318a1 hle: api_version: Add HLE API version constants
  • ded36b8 spl: Add the general SPL interface
  • faf11fe spl: Add SPL types
  • 95f203b spl: Add SPL result codes

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