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17 months ago


  • 3a78589 "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • 9c64a55 "Merge Tagged PR 5896"
  • abb0124 Merge pull request #6418 from clementgallet/sdl-audio-backend
  • c5b517a Merge pull request #6469 from ReinUsesLisp/blit-view-compat
  • 973bf30 Merge pull request #6464 from ameerj/disable-astc
  • 92942fe Merge pull request #6460 from Morph1984/fs-access-log-fix
  • 74790e4 common: fs: file: Remove redundant call to WriteStringToFile
  • 0f48292 fsp_srv: Fix filesystem access logging
  • 5fc8393 astc_decoder: Fix LDR CEM1 endpoint calculation
  • f9bfeaa yuzu_cmd/config: Add Accelerate ASTC and missing NVDEC emulation settings
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  • b295547 configure_graphics: Add Accelerate ASTC decoding setting
  • c4ff7ec textures: Reintroduce CPU ASTC decoder
  • 3d89398 texture_cache/util: Avoid relaxed image views on different bytes per pixel
  • f611506 Various suggestions by v1993 and lioncash
  • df8a2e3 Add sdl2 audio description in the yuzu-cmd config file
  • c7c9990 Add SDL2 audio backend

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