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18 months ago


  • 406b20a "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • c50648e "Merge Tagged PR 5896"
  • 8b5655a Merge pull request #6453 from lat9nq/libusb-fix-msvc
  • 2817ef1 externals: Don't set FOUND or VERSION on LIBUSB
  • 58180f9 Merge pull request #6451 from Morph1984/check-disk-space-dump
  • 9951322 Merge pull request #6422 from FernandoS27/i-am-the-senate
  • fa2aac1 yuzu: main: Ensure enough space is available for RomFS dumping
  • 0c0c1a0 Merge pull request #6443 from Morph1984/k-light-condition-variable
  • 7f85abb common/host_memory: Implement a fallback if fastmem fails.
  • f332d4a common/host_shader: Load Windows 10 functions dynamically
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  • 588ab44 GPUTHread: Remove async reads from Normal Accuracy.
  • 7b0d8bd rasterizer: Update pages in batches
  • ee67460 host_memory: Support staged VirtualProtect calls
  • 5ba2832 General: Add settings for fastmem and disabling adress space check.
  • c4609c9 common/host_memory: Optimize for huge tables.
  • 621f3f5 core: Make use of fastmem
  • 740edac tests: Add tests for host memory
  • 5105318 common/host_memory: Add Linux implementation
  • a7837a3 common/host_memory: Add interface and Windows implementation
  • ebd38d6 kernel: Unconditionally set thread state when appropriate
  • aa79ca7 kernel: KLightConditionVariable: Update implementation to 12.x

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