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18 months ago


  • 14cb090 "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • bc189b3 "Merge Tagged PR 5896"
  • fa8a006 hle: service: Increase arbitrary max sessions limit.
  • 74f0087 Merge pull request #6441 from bunnei/fix-session-handler
  • b259e95 hle: kernel: KClientPort: Add an assert for session count.
  • ec5674a hle: service: sm: Fix GetService setup of session & port.
  • 2aa6a8d hle: service: Use correct size for ServerSessionCountMax.
  • b2971b4 hle: kernel: KServerSession: Fix client disconnected.
  • 86d832a Merge pull request #6439 from lat9nq/ci-no-7z
  • 61c7a81 Merge pull request #6440 from bunnei/cancel-synch
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  • fbad68d ci: windows: Compress using xz
  • c63ea60 kernel: svc: Add missing error check to CancelSynchronization.
  • 6eeb532 ci: common: Remove 7z packaging

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