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18 months ago


  • 6e237ce "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • 78cc2a6 "Merge Tagged PR 5896"
  • fefc76e Merge pull request #6362 from lat9nq/reset-to-defaults
  • 07f6646 Merge pull request #6411 from clementgallet/yuzu-cmd-touch-button
  • c8b3d92 Merge pull request #6392 from german77/controller-widget
  • 1d1f616 Merge pull request #6389 from german77/Analog_button_fix
  • cb5fe12 [game_list] Correct light theme loading (#6408)
  • 166f5d1 yuzu-cmd: Add touch_from_button in config file
  • e4fed17 Merge pull request #6402 from Kelebek1/UI
  • 5a6d002 Merge pull request #6404 from lat9nq/revert_views
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  • 395cc0c Merge pull request #6405 from Morph1984/result-success
  • b840dd9 fsp-srv: Replace one last instance of RESULT_SUCCESS
  • c4c256f fspsrv: Implement DisableAutoSaveDataCreation (#6355)
  • c41451a yuzu qt: Revert some usages of string_view
  • 4ea171f Merge pull request #6308 from Morph1984/result
  • d6006e9 Merge pull request #6403 from Kewlan/game-list-for-loop-optimization
  • 65d42a4 game_list: Minor for loop optimizations
  • 04e52ff Stop the columns resizing on NAND install
  • a0e4c2e general: Replace RESULT_UNKNOWN with ResultUnknown
  • 12c1766 general: Replace RESULT_SUCCESS with ResultSuccess
  • c17e1bd yuzu qt: Use lambda and std::function for reset callback
  • 4a3d57e yuzu: Add settings reset button to general configuration
  • 8aeb425 configuration: Initial work to reset all settings
  • ac48e05 settings: Disable controller preview if controller is not active
  • a323bc5 input_common: Analog button, use time based position instead of frequent updates

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