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yuzu 642

18 months ago


  • 452e9c7 "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • d6befa6 "Merge Tagged PR 5896"
  • 377cd30 Merge pull request #6395 from lioncash/result-move
  • 5086619 Merge pull request #6397 from Morph1984/fs_util
  • dba7bcd common: fs: fs_util: Move PathToUTF8String to fs_util
  • a1eeb99 common: fs: fs_util: Add more string conversion functions
  • 91f559a Merge pull request #6361 from lat9nq/per-hb-cfg
  • 3aed797 common_funcs: Move R_ macros to result.h
  • bc38d4c yuzu qt: Restore const qualifiers
  • cfb9bcb yuzu qt: Handle per-game configs for title id 0

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