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18 months ago


  • b5773a2 "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • dd1c740 "Merge Tagged PR 5896"
  • 95f4511 Merge pull request #6344 from german77/update-libusb
  • a5ebba7 Merge pull request #6377 from lioncash/point
  • a6cfc73 Merge pull request #6387 from lioncash/class-token
  • 90c3dd3 Merge pull request #6386 from bunnei/shutdown-fix
  • f072f48 ci: build-msvc: Remove CMake install step.
  • 2069430 Merge pull request #6374 from Morph1984/swkbd-textcheck-encoding
  • fc708b3 Merge pull request #6364 from german77/stub-lp2p
  • e41c8b6 Merge pull request #6379 from degasus/update_dynarmic
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  • 646622c k_class_token: Use variable templates where applicable
  • c7c4ef9 Merge pull request #6384 from lioncash/virtual
  • 8592f8a video_core: gpu: WaitFence: Do not block threads during shutdown.
  • 7b2917b kernel: Add missing override specifiers
  • d2d7a50 externals: Update dynarmic.
  • 5554de3 touchscreen: Make use of common point struct
  • 8171ad6 common: Extract point into a common struct
  • c68255f applets/swkbd: Make use of std::move where applicable
  • 247cd92 applets/swkbd: Only read the text check message on Failure/Confirm
  • 65e20f4 ldn: Add and stub lp2p:sys lp2p:app INetworkServiceMonitor INetworkService
  • 3a6e292 Update libusb to 1.0.24

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