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18 months ago


  • 6ef6910 "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • c668a41 "Merge Tagged PR 5896"
  • cdabc90 Merge pull request #6382 from lioncash/null
  • 5388e6d Merge pull request #6373 from bunnei/use-slabheap-tls
  • 38dbe57 Merge pull request #6383 from degasus/fix_gcc_warnings
  • 5a8cd1b Fix two GCC 11 warnings: Unneeded copies.
  • 16ff016 k_thread: Move dereference after null check in Initialize()
  • 420b1f8 Merge pull request #6371 from degasus/drop_ExceptionalExit
  • ee099b2 hle: kernel: KSlabHeap: Allow host or guest allocations.
  • 945effc Merge pull request #6356 from ogniK5377/ApplyNpadSystemCommonPolicy
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  • d25648c Merge pull request #6375 from lioncash/iofs
  • 210c2c9 common/fs/file: Explicitly delete copy constructors
  • 6806a89 common/fs/file: Devirtualize destructor
  • 019bc9f common/fs/file: Default initialize IOFile members
  • 3289abe Merge pull request #6372 from bunnei/raster-cache-fix
  • 4b95b0d video_core: rasterizer_cache: Use u16 for cached page count.
  • 3d2e80d core/arm_interface: Call SVC after end of dynarmic block.
  • d825dff Merge pull request #6369 from lat9nq/cmake-fix-dep-opt
  • 9110cfd Merge pull request #6346 from lat9nq/apply-config-pgc
  • f94cb0b cmake: Fix usage of CMAKE_DEPENDENT_OPTION
  • c1bad43 yuzu qt: Add an Apply button to configuration dialogs
  • db7abfe hid: ApplyNpadSystemCommonPolicy

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