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18 months ago


  • 2e0e691 "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • d229878 "Merge Tagged PR 5896"
  • 116989b Merge pull request #6366 from lat9nq/bundled-qt-linux
  • 2c791b3 Merge pull request #6365 from degasus/drop_ChangeProcessorID
  • 52cc25c cmake: Download Qt binaries on Linux if needed
  • 993dbe4 core/arm: Drop ChangeProcessorID.
  • 0216940 Merge pull request #6331 from lioncash/gesture
  • 44556dc hid/gesture: Factor out last gesture retrieval into its own function
  • a9d8e24 hid/gesture: Ensure all ID arrays are initialized
  • 74f30c0 hid/gesture: Make Point a template
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  • 20699e9 hid/gesture: Replace x,y members of GestureState with a Point
  • 2f1ef39 hid/gesture: Add default comparators to Point
  • 60831ea hid/gesture: Rename Points to Point

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