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18 months ago


  • 004c7bf "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • adb40d6 "Merge Tagged PR 5896"
  • 5068279 Merge pull request #6248 from A-w-x/intelmesa
  • 136e8e8 Merge pull request #6333 from Morph1984/swkbd-confirm-text
  • ea4e4b0 Merge pull request #6320 from Morph1984/get-pid
  • 7626ca3 Merge pull request #6321 from lat9nq/per-game-cpu
  • 5153d53 configure_cpu: Simplify UpdateGroup
  • 12ef744 configuration_shared: Drop unused function and template another
  • 5396593 applets/swkbd: Send the correct text string on TextCheck::Confirm
  • 339dc4f general: Demote custom_rtc to regular setting
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  • 049769a hle_ipc: unsigned -> u32
  • 81a5ecd hle_ipc: Add a getter for PID
  • ab2677f configuration: Add CPU tab to game properties
  • 4aac1ae configuration: Simplify applying per-game settings
  • 59236b7 configuration_shared: Add some comments
  • e169fda general: Make CPU accuracy and related a Settings::Setting
  • 6a2084a gl_device: Intel: Disable texture view formats workaround on mesa

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