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18 months ago


  • d4b0795 "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • 0e8a0b4 "Merge Tagged PR 5896"
  • 06c410e Merge pull request #6316 from ameerj/title-fix
  • 5a2b15b Merge pull request #6299 from bunnei/ipc-improvements
  • a113802 Merge pull request #6289 from ameerj/oob-blit
  • 6c78c2a Merge pull request #6244 from german77/sdlmotion
  • a3e68dc main: Add title's version to window name on EA/mainline
  • f20f458 input_common: Implement SDL motion
  • eee302b common: tree: Avoid a nullptr dereference.
  • 12d569e hle: kernel: hle_ipc: Fix outgoing IPC response size calculation.
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  • fc086f9 WORKAROUND: temp. disable session resource limits while we work out issues
  • f2c2644 WORKAROUND: Do not use slab heap while we track down issues with resource management.
  • b9f543b audren
  • 343d92a core: hle: ipc_helpers: Fix cast on raw_data_size calculation.
  • 2c1e119 hle: service: sm: Add TIPC support.
  • 9139714 hle: kernel: hle_ipc: Improve IPC code and add initial support for TIPC.
  • 49c4c32 hle: service: sm: GetService: Reserve session resource when we create a KSession.
  • 21671d0 hle: service: Add support for dispatching TIPC requests.
  • da25a59 hle: service: Implement IPC::CommandType::Close.
  • 41928df hle: service: sm: Use RegisterNamedService to register the service.
  • 934b2d8 hle: service: sm: Improve Initialize implementation.
  • f54ea74 hle: kernel: svc: Update ConnectToNamedPort to use new CreateNamedServicePort interface.
  • c6de965 hle: kernel: Implement named service ports using service interface factory.
  • 44c763f hle: kernel: KSession: Improve implementation of CloneCurrentObject.
  • cfed693 hle: service: sm: Increase point buffer size.
  • 9f44a44 hle: ipc_helpers: Reserve session resource when we create a KSession.
  • 75f23ad hle: kernel: KClientPort: Cleanup comment format.
  • 7a06037 hle: ipc: Add declarations for TIPC.
  • ed25191 hle: kernel: Further cleanup and add TIPC helpers.
  • d08bd3e hle: ipc_helpers: Update IPC response generation for TIPC.
  • 3671fd0 texture_cache: Handle out of bound texture blits

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