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18 months ago


  • 946d8a7 "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • 6b5da71 "Merge Tagged PR 5896"
  • ee9180e "Merge Tagged PR 6299"
  • 0949e38 Merge pull request #6306 from lat9nq/ffmpeg-untagged
  • 0ecb6c6 externals: Checkout 79e8d17024 for FFmpeg
  • e12ee02 Merge pull request #6301 from Morph1984/ssl-ImportClientPki
  • c870762 Merge pull request #6298 from Kewlan/toggled-show-add-on-refresh
  • 271f2e2 ssl: Stub Import(Client/Server)Pki
  • 5a042bd Merge pull request #6267 from german77/gestureRewrite
  • 1b43313 configure_ui: Call RequestGameListUpdate when toggling "Show Add-Ons Column"
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  • 8c30ed6 hid: Improve hardware accuracy of gestures

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