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3 years ago


  • 9530112 "Merge Tagged PR 1012"
  • 70c5fb8 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • a199c46 "Merge Tagged PR 1703"
  • fcb2747 "Merge Tagged PR 2365"
  • a4f63df "Merge Tagged PR 2710"
  • 5eff65c "Merge Tagged PR 2945"
  • 9188dc3 "Merge Tagged PR 2987"
  • a8295d2 Merge pull request #3047 from ReinUsesLisp/clip-control
  • 3e0e4f1 Merge pull request #3091 from lioncash/core-conversion
  • bb31df6 Merge pull request #3113 from lioncash/semi
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  • f2e34ef common_funcs: Remove semicolons from INSERT_PADDING_* macros
  • 790a482 Merge pull request #3110 from greggameplayer/CompleteRGBA16UI
  • c6bc13d correct the implementation of RGBA16UI
  • 885d888 Merge pull request #3089 from SciresM/play_statistics
  • 360b0d1 Merge pull request #3093 from lioncash/mbedtls
  • 02880a8 Merge pull request #3092 from lioncash/util
  • b6f6733 Merge pull request #3081 from ReinUsesLisp/fswzadd-shuffles
  • 7f424d0 Merge pull request #3107 from lioncash/hashable
  • ebb30cb Merge pull request #3104 from lioncash/xts
  • c5c89a4 common/hash: Remove unused HashableStruct
  • cc9e682 Merge pull request #3103 from lioncash/cfunc
  • 03b73aa xts_archive: Remove redundant std::string constructor
  • 61f6eaa common_funcs: silence sign-conversion warnings in MakeMagic()
  • cf770a6 Merge pull request #3084 from ReinUsesLisp/cast-warnings
  • d1f0d18 Update
  • 64cbebc key_manager: Make use of IOFile in WriteKeyToFile()
  • e0c46e6 core: Migrate off deprecated mbedtls functions
  • 47a6bb2 externals: Update httplib
  • f11b87e service: Resolve sign conversion errors
  • 75dec14 perf_stats: Resolve implicit int to double conversion error
  • 23878bf loader; Resolve sign conversion/truncation errors
  • 86a1eb7 gdbstub: Resolve sign conversion errors
  • 12dc918 kernel: Resolve sign conversion warnings
  • 86c397d file_sys: Resolve sign conversion warnings
  • ef060ed result: Add default error code for the ResultCode(-1) case
  • 581d2e3 crypto: Resolve sign-conversion warnings
  • 27ab994 result: Resolve sign-coversion warnings
  • 19a0abc arm_unicorn: Resolve sign conversion warnings
  • 96d677b CMakeLists: Make most implicit type conversion warnings errors on MSVC
  • fb94187 video_core: Enable sign conversion warnings
  • b0b0786 Implement stub for QueryApplicationPlayStatisticsByUid
  • 18c1cb6 video_core: Treat implicit conversions as errors
  • 096f339 video_core: Silence implicit conversion warnings
  • fa0d65f microprofile: Silence conversion warnings
  • 3ab0514 gl_shader_cache: Enable extensions only when available
  • cd66395 gl_shader_decompiler: Add safe fallbacks when ARB_shader_ballot is not available
  • 56e237d shader_ir/warp: Implement FSWZADD
  • 08b2b10 gl_shader_decompiler: Reimplement shuffles with platform agnostic intrinsics
  • e9d2fad gl_rasterizer: Remove front facing hack
  • f1facae gl_shader_decompiler: Fix typo "y_negate"->"y_direction"
  • e2ea0c3 gl_shader_manager: Remove unused variable in SetFromRegs
  • 028b1a3 yuzu_cmd: Use string_view instead of string for extensions
  • f019817 gl_rasterizer: Emulate viewport flipping with ARB_clip_control

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