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19 months ago


  • e04c91f "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • 002e3f8 "Merge Tagged PR 5896"
  • 9ad77ba Merge pull request #6125 from ogniK5377/nvdec-close-dev
  • d5c1f39 Merge pull request #6133 from Morph1984/project-eleuthia
  • bb32a4a Merge pull request #6201 from bunnei/remove-bintray
  • 71d4abc cmake: Remove use of bintray for externals.
  • edb1d5d Address issues
  • 7eff91f applets/swkbd: Implement the Qt Software Keyboard frontend
  • b45930a error: Make the error code as the title text of the OverlayDialog
  • 4143675 overlay_dialog: Add an overlay text dialog that accepts controller input
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  • 4a5f9f5 main: Move meta type registration into its own function
  • aa3adf6 input_interpreter: Fix button hold being interpreted incorrectly on init
  • f6e6913 qt_themes: Add styles for the On-Screen Keyboard and OverlayDialog
  • e681723 icons: Add icons for the On-Screen Keyboard overlay
  • 578e6c5 applets/swkbd: Implement the Default Software Keyboard frontend
  • 5bc9f15 applets/swkbd: Implement the Normal and Inline Software Keyboard Applet
  • a8c09cd ILibraryAppletCreator: Implement CreateHandleStorage
  • e3e6a11 hle_ipc: Add helper functions to get copy/move handles
  • 0a40106 ILibraryAppletAccessor: Demote from ERROR to DEBUG for null storage logs
  • d1e40dd applets: Pass in the LibraryAppletMode each applet's constructor
  • 0f40c8c applets: Remove the previous software keyboard applet implementation
  • bf1c178 nvdrv: Cleanup CDMA Processor on device closure

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