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19 months ago


  • 1c4d282 "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • 800867e "Merge Tagged PR 5896"
  • 0a5bc8e Merge pull request #6119 from german77/SDLMapping
  • 6051197 Merge pull request #6199 from lioncash/log-ns
  • 2a341c9 log/backend: Correct order of const in copy constructor
  • 64606ae common/log: Move Log namespace into the Common namespace
  • de5bf64 Merge pull request #6196 from bunnei/asserts-setting
  • a4c6712 common: Move settings to common from core.
  • c6c0771 core: settings: Add setting for debug assertions and disable by default. [ #1340 ]
  • eedbe83 Merge pull request #6197 from ameerj/kreslimit-cleanup
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  • 62a8505 Merge pull request #6195 from Morph1984/controller-applet-motion
  • 2067115 k_resource_limit: Minor cleanup of member variables/headers
  • bb922d6 Merge pull request #6185 from ameerj/process-reslimit
  • 8146c8c Merge pull request #6191 from lioncash/vdtor
  • 12a343e Merge pull request #6190 from lioncash/constfn2
  • 62b560e Merge pull request #6188 from lioncash/bits
  • 154eb3c Merge pull request #6187 from lioncash/sign-conv
  • 10ca4c9 applets/controller: Hook up the "Motion" button functionality
  • 5e85bc3 kernel/process: Replace process resource limit instance with the kernel's resource limit
  • 3193290 engine_interface: Add missing virtual destructor
  • 9b331a5 vk_master_semaphore: Deduplicate atomic access within IsFree()
  • c5f5d6e vk_master_semaphore: Add missing const qualifier for IsFree()
  • 4198c92 vk_texture_cache: Make use of Common::BitCast where applicable
  • fddb278 texure_cache/util: Resolve implicit sign conversions with std::reduce
  • d9db1d1 InputCommon: Name properly xbox 360 and one controllers, Fix mappings for Nintendo Pro controllers

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