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19 months ago


  • 66a4fc0 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • e9c2ff0 "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • 61fce43 "Merge Tagged PR 5896"
  • 335a3cc Merge pull request #6186 from lioncash/cache-erase
  • 7f06276 Merge pull request #6193 from lioncash/incguard
  • ff6a83e nvidia_flags: Add missing header guard
  • 8e7734b Merge pull request #6192 from lioncash/discard
  • 0fb3773 k_thread: Remove [[nodiscard]] attribute from ClearWaitCancelled()
  • 4209588 query_cache: Make use of std::erase_if
  • 26d6001 Merge pull request #6135 from Morph1984/borderless-windowed-fullscreen
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  • ddbd138 Merge pull request #6181 from Joshua-Ashton/robustness_features
  • 9f1cf99 Merge pull request #6182 from Joshua-Ashton/null-offset
  • 0c19147 Merge pull request #6170 from Morph1984/more-time-fixes
  • 55b7d8e Merge pull request #6183 from MerryMage/dynarmic
  • a208c7b externals: Update dynarmic to b2a4da5e
  • 0ec6cb9 vk_buffer_cache: Fix offset for NULL vertex buffers
  • 08337a4 vulkan_device: Enable EXT_robustness2 features
  • 2283fcc service: time: Setup the network clock with the local clock context
  • 8ce31f1 config: Default to exclusive fullscreen mode on platforms other than Windows
  • 01ea0f3 configure_graphics: Add Borderless Windowed fullscreen mode

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