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20 months ago


  • 8608d37 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • c7eac21 "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • 3e8008a "Merge Tagged PR 5896"
  • e446228 Merge pull request #6126 from Morph1984/stub-SetAlbumImageTakenNotificationEnabled
  • 5ee6694 Merge pull request #5927 from ameerj/astc-compute
  • eeea426 Merge pull request #6116 from german77/userArgument
  • ca30190 ISelfController: Stub SetAlbumImageTakenNotificationEnabled
  • b3f6809 Merge pull request #6124 from jbeich/vulkan+opengl
  • 9b50b23 vulkan_common: enable OpenGL interop on other Unices
  • 9cebde7 yuzu/main: Add user command line argument
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  • 2f83d9a astc_decoder: Refactor for style and more efficient memory use
  • 2f30c10 astc_decoder: Reimplement Layers
  • c7553ab astc_decoder: Fix out of bounds memory access
  • 20eb368 renderer_vulkan: Accelerate ASTC decoding
  • f656633 host_shaders: Modify shader cmake integration to allow for larger shaders
  • 2985e5e renderer_opengl: Accelerate ASTC texture decoding with a compute shader

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