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21 months ago


  • 1766dd1 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • edd67ce "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • b180f6e "Merge Tagged PR 5896"
  • 4cf5b86 Merge pull request #6036 from bunnei/thread-leak
  • 47af340 hle: kernel: KThread: Rework dummy threads & fix memory leak.
  • 97415ad Merge pull request #6029 from Morph1984/compile-utf8
  • 7b29a8c Merge pull request #6039 from yuzu-emu/revert-6006-fiber-unique-ptr
  • a5ab85a Revert "core: Switch to unique_ptr for usage of Common::Fiber."
  • 9d010be Merge pull request #6034 from Morph1984/mbedtls
  • 96c9e67 aes_util: Remove malformed mbedtls_cipher_finish function call
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  • 6faabd6 externals: Update mbedtls to 2.16.9
  • e703834 CMakeLists: Add /utf-8 compile option for MSVC

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