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21 months ago


  • ee5a29a "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 3bdb3c1 "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • 2331c4f "Merge Tagged PR 5896"
  • ee9ebee Merge pull request #5276 from german77/gestures
  • e895ab7 Implements touch, pan, pinch and rotation gestures
  • 55f556c Merge pull request #5984 from jbeich/gcc-freebsd
  • 09f7c35 Merge pull request #5953 from bunnei/memory-refactor-1
  • bfa1644 Merge pull request #5944 from Morph1984/gc-vibrations
  • 272bc4c Merge pull request #5997 from Kelebek1/Depth
  • 1ba578c Merge pull request #5977 from Morph1984/stub-acc
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  • d31dbb1 Implement glDepthRangeIndexeddNV
  • 1841ca4 video_core: add missing header after 468bd9c
  • 71526ec common: add missing header after f380537
  • ec19a85 hid: Implement GameCube Controller Vibrations
  • 3de8e7a acc: Stub GetNintendoAccountUserResourceCacheForApplication
  • 93e2086 hle: kernel: Migrate PageHeap/PageTable to KPageHeap/KPageTable.
  • b1e2789 hle: kernel: Migrate MemoryManager to KMemoryManager.
  • 93109c8 hle: kernel: Migrate PageLinkedList to KPageLinkedList.
  • 65e0178 hle: kernel: Migrate to KMemoryBlock, KMemoryBlockManager, and others.
  • 9e520e8 hle: kernel: Migrate SlabHeap to KSlabHeap.
  • 1d162f2 hle: kernel: Migrate MemoryLayout to KMemoryLayout.
  • 7ed5dd0 hle: kernel: Migrate AddressSpaceInfo to KAddressSpaceInfo.
  • 701ef61 hle: kernel: memory_manager: Rename AllocateContinuous to AllocateContinuous.
  • f7a008d hle: kernel: KSystemControl does not belong in Memory namespace.
  • 6a19086 hle: kernel: memory: PageHeap: Migrate to KPageBitmap class.
  • a025661 hle: kernel: Add KPageBitmap class.
  • e7c33d1 hle: kernel: system_control: Add function GenerateRandomU64.
  • c923576 common: Add implementation of TinyMT (Mersenne Twister RNG).
  • 6da91da hle: kernel: Add KSpinLock implementation.
  • 24e1e17 core: memory: Add templated GetPointer methods.
  • b5b92fd common: alignment: Add DivideUp utility method.
  • 0d62f30 hle: kernel: Rename SharedMemory to KSharedMemory.

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