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21 months ago


  • f4b461d "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 705ec54 "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • d803e57 "Merge Tagged PR 5896"
  • 51e8b27 Merge pull request #5957 from lat9nq/update-dynarmic
  • 9cae3e6 Merge pull request #4973 from ameerj/nvdec-opt
  • 0c24ae3 externals: Update dynarmic to latest
  • 6686468 Merge pull request #5955 from yuzu-emu/revert-3603-port-5123 [ emu/citra#5123 ]
  • 1c550ff Revert "Port citra-emu/citra#5123: "SDL: Disable hidapi drivers due to compatibility problems with certain controllers""
  • b675c44 rebase, fix name shadowing, more const
  • 3c37d66 Address PR feedback
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  • 09722cb streamline cdma_pusher/command_classes
  • 77564f9 streamline cdma_pusher/command_classes
  • ac265a7 nvdec cleanup

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