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21 months ago


  • 7ea3550 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • c21b177 "Merge Tagged PR 5896"
  • 710aa22 Merge pull request #5915 from lat9nq/screenshots-dir-fix
  • 6f1ad6a Merge pull request #5916 from ameerj/maxwell-gl-unused
  • 06e3d3a Merge pull request #5917 from ReinUsesLisp/require-robustness2
  • 757fd1e vulkan_device: Require VK_EXT_robustness2
  • d3c7a7e Merge pull request #5741 from ReinUsesLisp/new-bufcache
  • 13becdf config: Make high GPU accuracy the default
  • 5b35b01 video_core: Fix clang build issues
  • 025fe45 vk_staging_buffer_pool: Fix softlock when stream buffer overflows
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  • 3a2eefb vk_buffer_cache: Add support for null index buffers
  • 0b8b961 buffer_cache: Add extra bytes to guest SSBOs
  • 93a69b6 Merge branch 'bytes-to-map-end' into new-bufcache-wip
  • 7402442 vk_staging_buffer_pool: Get a staging buffer instead of waiting
  • 75fd3f9 yuzu/config: Disable assembly shaders by default
  • 0b631f2 renderer_opengl: Remove interop
  • 3da87d3 gl_buffer_cache: Drop interop based parameter buffer workarounds
  • 2b95c13 buffer_cache: Heuristically detect stream buffers
  • ec9354d buffer_cache: Split CreateBuffer in separate functions
  • a02b4e1 buffer_cache: Skip cache on small uploads on Vulkan
  • 35df1d1 vk_staging_buffer_pool: Add stream buffer for small uploads
  • 8fd518e vulkan_device: Enable robustBufferAccess
  • 82c2601 video_core: Reimplement the buffer cache
  • a39d9c5 vulkan_common: Expose interop and headless devices
  • 47d5ec6 vulkan_common: Make interop extensions mandatory
  • 40ed0cb vulkan_device: Enable robust buffers
  • 1a98705 vulkan_device: Use designated initializers for features
  • 79afdea vulkan_wrapper: Add memory barrier pipeline barrier helper
  • 004a8d6 vulkan_device: Fix formatting of constants
  • 16f97de vulkan_wrapper: Add interop functions
  • 9735c34 vulkan_instance: Initialize Vulkan instance in a separate thread
  • dde19e7 vulkan_wrapper: Pull Windows symbols
  • 75ccd99 gpu: Report renderer errors with exceptions
  • 1915629 tests/buffer_base: Add cached CPU writes tests
  • 9d8ca6c buffer_base: Add support for cached CPU writes
  • 069afcc maxwell_to_gl: Remove unused code
  • c86d770 Merge pull request #5877 from ameerj/res-limit-usage
  • ec9b664 kernel: More accurately reserve and release resources
  • 5fa6b15 kernel: KScopedReservation implementation
  • 3793948 kernel: Unify result codes (#5890)
  • dcc0617 yuzu: Create screenshot path before capture
  • a0379c2 Merge pull request #5902 from lioncash/core-warn
  • e53b6ec Merge pull request #5869 from german77/mousePanning
  • 0cd40fb bsd: Remove usage of optional emplace() with no arguments
  • 1dab8ac am/controller: Remove [[fallthrough]] from unreachable path
  • d64ba58 nfp: Correct uninitialized size being used within GetTagInfo()
  • 52b79ac Add mouse panning

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