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22 months ago


  • 931c521 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 830b714 "Merge Tagged PR 5896"
  • 3e6e0d8 Merge pull request #5893 from lioncash/input
  • dee133a Merge pull request #5904 from lat9nq/common-sized-dealloc
  • 3c22ce0 Merge pull request #5905 from lat9nq/core-sized-dealloc
  • a5e184e Merge pull request #5903 from lat9nq/config-silence-warns
  • 0e00426 configure_input_player_widget: Silence unused variable warnings
  • a58086a common: Add -fsized-deallocation as a Clang flag
  • 68f7189 core: Add -fsized-dealloction as a Clang flag
  • 70db238 Merge pull request #5901 from lioncash/input-warn
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  • 245d60b Merge pull request #5900 from lioncash/unused-func
  • a352f34 udp: Silence unused member variable warnings
  • cda24b8 udp/client: Define ClientData constructor/destructor in cpp file
  • 10636d2 gl_rasterizer: Remove unused variables
  • 783dc9e texture_cache/util: Remove unused functions
  • 864762c configure_input_player_widget: Reduce duplication of array accessors where applicable
  • 5c7c212 configure_input_player_widget: Avoid nontrivial copies where applicable

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