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22 months ago


  • e8c06f4 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 2e32ab4 Settings: Add depth to Joysticks on Pro Controller preview (#5894)
  • b6736db Merge pull request #5899 from ameerj/ffmpeg-revert
  • d6ebb5c cmake: Revert FFmpeg 4.3.1 update for Windows builds
  • 26669d9 Merge pull request #5880 from lat9nq/ffmpeg-external
  • 1b73082 Merge pull request #5892 from german77/backup
  • 7666c09 Merge pull request #5868 from german77/HandheldFix
  • d1ac25b README Edit for EA
  • 3f9eb56 olsc: Stub GetSaveDataBackupSetting
  • 1a2e7c4 ffmpeg: Checkout tag n4.3.1
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  • 5271883 CMakeLists: Use bundled FFmpeg as a fallback
  • 8b54e21 CMakeLists: Update to FFmpeg 4.3.1 for WIN32
  • 830612e CMakeLists: Fixes for linux-fresh
  • b7e6eca Address reviewer comments
  • 1d19eac CMake: Port citra-emu/citra FindFFmpeg.cmake
  • 0913aaa ci/windows: Copy downloaded FFmpeg libraries
  • 4740101 CMake: Implement YUZU_USE_BUNDLED_FFMPEG
  • 82dd376 externals: Add submodule ffmpeg
  • 7784b1d Prevent over scheduling audio events and terminate properly the motion update event

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