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21 months ago


  • 4d4eeeb "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 9033117 Merge pull request #5895 from Morph1984/utf16-cvt
  • ff58ad2 string_util: Remove MSVC workaround for converting between UTF8/UTF16
  • 0896089 Merge pull request #5339 from german77/interactive
  • d0a760a Merge pull request #5872 from lioncash/svc-error
  • 4c82c08 Merge pull request #5888 from Morph1984/ogl-4.6
  • 148fb12 Merge pull request #5889 from ogniK5377/morton-remove
  • c5f109b video_core: Delete morton
  • 6e5cc97 renderer_opengl: Update OpenGL backend version requirement to 4.6
  • 230e71b Merge pull request #5887 from ogniK5377/lm-fix
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  • 458be11 Merge pull request #5878 from aleasto/master
  • 9d5a56a lm: Fix ReadLeb128
  • 8893b76 Add GC controller animation
  • 32d9a83 pl_u: Fix read out of bounds
  • 160341f Refresh debug controller settings
  • d6a0975 Refresh controller only when necessary
  • c9597af Add SL SR vectors, change dual joycon view, add missing raw data from keyboard/mouse
  • a7f9983 Add controller window and single joycon top view
  • ea1f656 Replace text with vectors
  • 481cd86 Make settings controller image change with controller input
  • 75a60a6 svc: Provide more detailed error logs for svc functions

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