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22 months ago


  • 7bc63c6 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 61bf850 Merge pull request #5326 from german77/hidUpdate1
  • 1498a7c Merge pull request #5862 from bunnei/kevent
  • 3a80475 Merge pull request #5875 from lioncash/identifier
  • ea4f626 hle: kernel: Drop R_UNLESS_NOLOG in favor of expanded if-statement.
  • 546af64 hle: kernel: KAddressArbiter: Remove noisy error log.
  • eba3c59 hle: kernel: svc: Cleanup KEvent/KReadableEvent/KWritableEvent SVCs.
  • 18175c7 common: scope_exit: Add a cancellable ScopeExit macro.
  • ff3c7c0 hle: kernel: Reimplement KReadableEvent and KWritableEvent.
  • 6bf80df hle: kernel: Implement KEvent.
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  • e9446d2 hle: kernel: KAddressArbiter: Use R_UNLESS_NOLOG where applicable.
  • 4577dcd common: common_funcs: Add R_UNLESS_NOLOG for scenarios that should not log.
  • 3f942c0 hle: kernel: Rename WritableEvent to KWritableEvent.
  • e86a7e3 hle: kernel: Rename ReadableEvent to KReadableEvent.
  • b0727c9 Merge pull request #5867 from Morph1984/am-GetHealthWarningDisappearedSystemEvent
  • b944edc k_priority_queue: Unfold several declval usages
  • 31e6e58 k_priority_queue: Simplify affinity mask type alias
  • 53aec1f k_priority_queue: Resolved reserved identifier
  • 8019b2b Add footer types and address comments
  • 9a9e81f Fix npad struct to match switchbrew
  • f30ef98 Adds missing controller types and properties
  • 13b0837 IApplicationFunctions: Implement GetHealthWarningDisappearedSystemEvent

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