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yuzu 527

22 months ago


  • b3e45cd "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • b331bb5 Merge pull request #5870 from german77/hanheldfix2
  • cde532c Merge pull request #5863 from ogniK5377/disable-reverb
  • c1b81f7 Always update handheld config
  • b0c9752 Merge pull request #5848 from ogniK5377/k-resourcelimit
  • 2c6e940 Simplify limitableresource names
  • 64c3582 Compile error
  • 9e4b2d6 Address issues
  • 9fc7f60 audren: Disable reverb for the time being
  • ee333e0 fix compile error
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  • 56742c6 cleanup commenting
  • 7791cfd Drop m_ from lock
  • 3bf62c7 Move to GetGlobalTimeNs, fix GetTotalPhysicalMemoryAvailable
  • 3be1a56 kernel: Rewrite resource limit to be more accurate

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