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22 months ago


  • 5016568 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • a4526c4 Merge pull request #5779 from bunnei/kthread-rewrite
  • 5861bac Merge pull request #5795 from ReinUsesLisp/bytes-to-map-end
  • f67cfeb Merge pull request #5838 from german77/prepostub
  • aaf834f Merge pull request #5847 from bunnei/update-dynarmic
  • 9150b89 Stub GetSystemSessionId
  • 650734c Merge pull request #5805 from german77/HandheldFix
  • 15d3376 externals: Dynarmic: Update to latest to include A32 ISB hook.
  • 543e212 hle: kernel: KLightLock: Fix several bugs.
  • 8d1afcb common: common_funcs: Change R_UNLESS to LOG_ERROR.
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  • c8fe824 arm: dynarmic: Reintroduce JIT checks on SaveContext/LoadContext.
  • e24c6da hle: kernel: KThread: Release thread resource on thread exit.
  • 1073883 yuzu: debugger: Ignore HLE threads.
  • 3856564 hle: kernel: process: Add state lock.
  • ff46ef7 hle: kernel: threading: Fix bug with host thread naming.
  • 6ee8340 hle: kernel: k_scheduler_lock: Cleanup.
  • 055194d core: arm: Remove unnecessary JIT checks.
  • 091e9e8 common: common_funcs: Log error on R_UNLESS.
  • 6e953f7 hle: kernel: Allocate a dummy KThread for each host thread, and use it for scheduling.
  • 37f74d8 hle: kernel: k_scheduler: Use atomics for current_thread, etc.
  • f6b10fa hle: kernel: k_scheduler: Fix for single core mode.
  • 0a1449e kernel: Fix build errors.
  • 89a5ae9 core: cpu_manager: Remove unused variable.
  • ca78f77 hle: kernel: KScheduler: Introduce thread context_guard.
  • cdd14b0 hle: kernel: Recode implementation of KThread to be more accurate.
  • 1470338 kernel: svc_types: Add ThreadActivity.
  • 1772ebe kernel: KSchedulerPriorityQueue: Lowest priority should be LowestThreadPriority.
  • 1f99f54 kernel: k_light_lock: Simplify EmuThreadHandle implementation.
  • c0f5830 hle: kernel: TimeManager: Simplify to not rely on previous EmuThreadHandle implementation.
  • bb966d3 common: common_funcs: Add useful kernel macro R_SUCCEED_IF.
  • ff186b2 core: hle: kernel: object: Implement Finalize() virtual method.
  • 33b4930 core: hle: kernel: svc_results: Populate with several missing error codes.
  • 5a4fc4a core: hle: kernel: Implement KLightLock.
  • 97129bc core: hle: kernel: Implement KThreadQueue.
  • 2fb77ad common: common_funcs: Add a few more useful macros for kernel code.
  • 4dbf3f4 hle: kernel: KThread: Clean up thread priorities.
  • 1e55498 hle: kernel: KThread: Reorganize thread priority defaults.
  • 0530292 hle: kernel: KThread: Fix ThreadType definition.
  • 4782985 hle: kernel: Move single core "phantom mode" out of KThread.
  • eea346b hle: kernel: KThread: Remove thread types that do not exist.
  • 9a4e148 arm: arm_dynarmic: Skip calls when JIT is invalid.
  • c0d3aef core: hle: kernel: Rename Thread to KThread.
  • 3b4da2d Fix connect and disconnect controller events
  • bda177e video_core/memory_manager: Add BytesToMapEnd

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