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22 months ago


  • 52b1362 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • b786568 Merge pull request #5809 from ogniK5377/FlushAudioOutBuffers
  • df41e78 Merge pull request #5837 from german77/socketstub
  • c21ce72 Merge pull request #5831 from MerryMage/isb
  • 16818e9 Merge pull request #5836 from ReinUsesLisp/unaligned-constr-sched
  • 9f6290d Merge pull request #5840 from Morph1984/prepo-fix
  • 0e125df Merge pull request #5835 from Morph1984/cleanup-sixaxis-fusion
  • 4921ba0 hid: Add static_assert for Parameter size
  • ae6b3bd prepo: Fix BufferDescriptorX invalid buffer errors and add "New" variants of SaveReport
  • 008afa5 hle_ipc: Add Can(Read, Write)Buffer
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  • 659b5f8 Stub GetSockOpt
  • 9e88ad8 vk_scheduler: Fix unaligned placement new expressions
  • d4d39aa npad: Remove unused device handle parameter
  • 2350b76 externals: Update dynarmic to 0f27368f
  • b2b95e9 audout: FlushAudioOutBuffers

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