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22 months ago


  • 4535202 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • e840196 Merge pull request #5360 from ReinUsesLisp/enforce-memclass-access
  • 132f200 Merge pull request #5745 from lioncash/documentation
  • e1ecf64 Merge pull request #5744 from lioncash/header-guard
  • 40acc2c video_core: Resolve -Wdocumentation warnings
  • c61b973 vulkan_debug_callback: Add missing header guard
  • 0e0fc07 Merge pull request #5740 from lioncash/const-fn
  • fd873fd Merge pull request #5262 from ReinUsesLisp/buffer-base
  • ca9afa3 input_interpreter: Mark two member functions as const
  • ff2b7cc Merge pull request #5366 from Morph1984/button-press
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  • 3c8f936 input_interpreter: Add method to check for a button press state
  • 5f517e3 core/cmake: Enforce Wclass-memaccess
  • f8650a9 core: Silence Wclass-memaccess warnings
  • 7bd6030 tests: Add unit tests for the GPU range tracking buffer container
  • a4bfae1 buffer_cache/buffer_base: Add a range tracking buffer container

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