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22 months ago


  • 7a084da "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • a7fd61f Merge pull request #5275 from FernandoS27/fast-native-clock
  • 8def504 Merge pull request #5336 from lioncash/tree
  • c17ee0d Merge pull request #5297 from ReinUsesLisp/vulkan-allocator-common
  • 8be9e5b Merge pull request #5358 from ReinUsesLisp/rename-insert-padding
  • 3ff978a common/common_funcs: Rename INSERT_UNION_PADDING_{BYTES,WORDS} to _NOINIT
  • 301e2b5 vulkan_memory_allocator: Remove unnecesary 'device' memory from commits
  • 432f045 vk_texture_cache: Use Download memory types for texture flushes
  • 8f22f54 vulkan_memory_allocator: Add allocation support for download types
  • 72541af vulkan_memory_allocator: Add "download" memory usage hint
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  • fade63b vulkan_common: Move allocator to the common directory
  • c2b5509 renderer_vulkan: Rename Vulkan memory manager to memory allocator
  • e996f1a vk_memory_manager: Improve memory manager and its API
  • f728a50 Merge pull request #5355 from lioncash/timer
  • 91084d9 common/timer: Remove
  • b15e1a3 common/tree: Convert defines over to templates
  • 197b5d1 common/tree: Remove unused splay tree defines
  • 53d9231 X86/NativeClock: Reimplement RTDSC access to be lock free.
  • d4f871c X86/NativeClock: Improve performance of clock calculations on hot path.

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