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22 months ago


  • de2ce11 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 4038ca2 Merge pull request #5345 from lioncash/unused-var
  • e11e1dc yuzu: Remove unused variables in Qt code
  • f1e278c Merge pull request #5343 from lioncash/qt6
  • 980973d Merge pull request #5344 from lioncash/move
  • 45aee99 configure_motion_touch: Prevent use after move in ApplyConfiguration()
  • a2952ac configure_motion_touch: Migrate off QRegExp to QRegularExpression
  • 5e35c69 Merge pull request #5330 from german77/regexerror
  • 2c2ef92 Merge pull request #5342 from lioncash/qt6
  • 06cf705 Fix IP validator error where the last octet produced an error if the value was higher than 199
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  • 0d7de7c yuzu: Migrate off of setMargin() to setContentsMargins()

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