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22 months ago


  • 08b8f77 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • baff865 Merge pull request #5341 from ReinUsesLisp/anv-storage
  • d9a15a9 vulkan_device: Remove requirement on shaderStorageImageMultisample
  • c320da3 Merge pull request #5340 from Morph1984/gcc-warnings
  • 2b98da2 cmake: Enforce -Werror=switch and -Werror=unused-variable
  • 0fb19e9 Merge pull request #5280 from FearlessTobi/port-5666 [ emu/citra#5666 ]
  • de1a316 Merge pull request #5311 from ReinUsesLisp/fence-wait
  • 154a765 vk_fence_manager: Use timeline semaphores instead of spin waits
  • beb9517 Address review comments
  • fd5776a Delete the old log file before rotating (#5675)
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  • bf8bd60 Fix the old log file to work with the log parser.
  • f478a57 Rotate previous log file to '.old' if it exists

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