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22 months ago


  • 8d7b2cb "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 99d2d77 Merge pull request #5333 from lioncash/define
  • 703c57a common/parent_of_member: Replace TYPED_STORAGE define with template alias
  • eb3cb54 Merge pull request #5266 from bunnei/kernel-synch
  • 03dfc8d hle: kernel: thread: Preserve thread wait reason for debugging only.
  • 81c1bfa yuzu: debugger: wait_tree: Handle unknown ThreadState.
  • 6b2f653 hle: kernel: k_scheduler_lock: Fix shadowing errors.
  • 354130c core: arm: arm_interface: Fix shadowing errors.
  • 82f6037 core: hle: Add missing calls to MicroProfileOnThreadExit.
  • 912dd50 core: hle: Integrate new KConditionVariable and KAddressArbiter implementations.
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  • 952d1ac core: hle: kernel: Update KAddressArbiter.
  • b4e6d6c core: hle: kernel: Update KConditionVariable.
  • 1212fa6 core: hle: kernel: Begin moving common SVC defintions to its own header.
  • 8a155c4 hle: kernel: Remove unnecessary AddressArbiter definition.
  • 92d5c63 common: common_funcs: Add R_UNLESS macro.
  • f12701b hle: kernel: k_scheduler: Cleanup OnThreadPriorityChanged.
  • d1309fb hle: kernel: Rename thread "status" to "state".
  • c3c43e3 hle: kernel: thread: Replace ThreadStatus/ThreadSchedStatus with a single ThreadState.
  • 7420a71 core: hle: kernel: Add some useful functions for checking kernel addresses.
  • 4bbf173 core: hle: kernel: svc_types: Add type definitions for KAddressArbiter.
  • fb43b8e common: Introduce useful tree structures.
  • 35c3c07 core: hle: kernel: Update KSynchronizationObject.
  • 1ae8834 core: hle: kernel: Begin moving common SVC results to its own header.
  • 8fc6e92 hle: service: nfp: Remove incorrect signaling behavior in GetDeviceState.

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