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23 months ago


  • 6ef5c8e "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 61f707d Merge pull request #5300 from JeremyStarTM/patch-1
  • c725710 Merge pull request #5310 from lat9nq/fix-disable-web-service
  • 78be397 CMakeLists: Disable YUZU_ENABLE_BOXCAT if ENABLE_WEB_SERVICE is disabled
  • aaf9e39 Merge pull request #5237 from ameerj/nvdec-syncpt
  • 16392a2 remove inaccurate reference
  • 06cef33 fix for nvdec disabled, cleanup host1x
  • 2c27127 nvdec syncpt incorporation
  • bcb702f Merge pull request #5306 from MerryMage/ignore-library-Open
  • 21199cb vulkan_library: Common::DynamicLibrary::Open is [[nodiscard]]
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  • 123568e Merge pull request #5305 from MerryMage/page_shift
  • aace20a texture_cache: Replace PAGE_SHIFT with PAGE_BITS
  • 5b60899 Removed MacOS build link

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