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23 months ago


  • 259f709 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • ace8a8e Merge pull request #5284 from ameerj/bufferq-oor-fix
  • 6b354cc buffer_queue: Protect queue_sequence list access with a mutex
  • 4801f42 Merge pull request #5286 from ReinUsesLisp/rename-vk-device
  • 87a8925 Merge pull request #5285 from lioncash/error-str
  • 974d731 renderer_vulkan: Rename VKDevice to Device
  • 7265e80 Merge pull request #5230 from ReinUsesLisp/vulkan-common
  • 86592b2 main: Resolve error string not displaying
  • cdbee27 vulkan_instance: Allow different Vulkan versions and enforce 1.1
  • 7344a7c vk_device: Use an array to report lacking device limits
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  • f687392 vk_device: Stop initialization when device is not suitable
  • 53ea06d renderer_vulkan: Remove two step initialization on VKDevice
  • 085adfe renderer_vulkan: Throw when enumerating devices fails
  • 11f0f75 renderer_vulkan: Initialize surface in separate file
  • dce8720 renderer_vulkan: Catch and report exceptions
  • 47843b4 renderer_vulkan: Create debug callback on separate file and throw
  • 25f88d9 renderer_vulkan: Move instance initialization to a separate file
  • d143500 vulkan_common: Rename renderer_vulkan/wrapper.h to vulkan_common/vulkan_wrapper.h
  • d937421 vulkan_common: Move dynamic library load to a separate file

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