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23 months ago


  • 6cff1a9 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 71e18dd Merge pull request #5278 from MerryMage/cpuopt_unsafe_inaccurate_nan
  • f64456c Merge pull request #5279 from bunnei/buffer-queue-connect
  • ec58aab Merge pull request #5281 from FearlessTobi/port-5668 [ emu/citra#5668 ]
  • c902681 Update zstd to v1.4.8
  • 235b5d2 Merge pull request #5267 from lioncash/localize
  • beaa25d hle: service: nvflinger: buffer_queue: Do not reset id/layer_id on Connect.
  • 8a53563 externals: Update dynarmic to 3806284cb
  • 62f67df Merge pull request #5277 from Morph1984/fix-comments
  • 55fb8e7 Merge pull request #5273 from timleg002/patch-1
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  • 57c9da1 dynarmic: Add Unsafe_InaccurateNaN optimization
  • a745d87 general: Fix various spelling errors
  • 0d47c1d typo fix
  • 8c27a74 main: Make the loader error dialog fully translatable
  • 803ac4c main: Tidy up enum comparison

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