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23 months ago


  • bb06235 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 60121d8 Merge pull request #5264 from 16-Bit-Dog/patch-1
  • fb41c82 Merge pull request #5265 from german77/port5509 [ emu/citra#5509 ]
  • 25d607f Merge pull request #5208 from bunnei/service-threads
  • aa4c768 Port citra-emu/citra#5509
  • fa5a1a4 Make the coding conventions more consistant
  • 82e0eee hle: kernel: service_thread: Make thread naming more consistent.
  • a2a0f53 hle: kernel: Manage service threads on another thread.
  • 69e82d0 common: ThreadWorker: Add class to help do asynchronous work.
  • c192da3 hle: kernel: Manage host thread IDs using TLS.
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  • dfdac7d hle: kernel: Move ServiceThread ownership to KernelCore.
  • f57be2e hle: kernel: service_thread: Add thread name and take weak_ptr of ServerSession.
  • 7d77a3f hle: service: Acquire and release a lock on requests.
  • c7a0690 audio_core: stream: Ensure buffer is valid before release.
  • 06f8c3d core: Do not reset device_memory on shutdown.
  • d0649d0 core: hle: kernel: Clear process list on boot.
  • 9543417 gpu: gpu_thread: Ensure MicroProfile is shutdown on exit.
  • 994a9fe hle: service: vi: Refactor to grab buffer only once.
  • 6433b1d service: nvflinger: Improve synchronization for BufferQueue.
  • bea51d9 hle: service: Ensure system is powered on before writing IPC result.
  • 6d2f942 core: kernel: Clear process list earlier.
  • 4991620 video_core: gpu_thread: Do not wait when system is powered down.
  • 916438a core: settings: Untangle multicore from asynchronous GPU.
  • 40571c0 video_core: gpu: Implement synchronous mode using threaded GPU.
  • 14c825b video_core: gpu: Refactor out synchronous/asynchronous GPU implementations.
  • 5d4715c hle: kernel: hle_ipc: Remove SleepClientThread.
  • 87d6588 hle: service: bsd: Update to work with service threads, removing SleepClientThread.
  • 0c81b83 hle: service: nvdrv: Revert #4981 to remove usage of SleepClientThread.
  • 8bc3d66 hle: kernel: service_thread: Add parameter for thread pool size.
  • 19a8f03 hle: service: nvflinger: Refactor locking and interfaces.
  • b377da0 hle: service: vi: Remove usage of SleepClientThread.
  • 28281ae core: hle: server_session: Use separate threads for each service connection.

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